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Basic Information of Colombia


Colombia is a South American State to the north of the continent. It is an Andean country with Caribbean, Pacific, Amazon and equatorial climates. It has a strategic position in the Americas. With the Andes, valleys, coasts, beaches, paramo, snow level peaks, volcanoes, jungles and flat lands, which also influence the cultural variety of the country's population.


Land area:
1,141,748 sq. Km.

43,677,372 (July 2010)

Ethnic composition:
mestizo 58%; white 20%; mulatto 14%; negro 4%; indigenous 1%, other 3% .

Christian, with a catholic majority, and freedom of worship under the Constitution.

Atlantic and Pacific.

Mainland surface area:
1,141,748 sq. km., not including islands, and jurisdiction of waters.

Colombia has a humid tropical climate, modified at higher altitudes: the presence of the three branches of the Andes mountains makes it naturally cooler with altitude. Therefore, there is a variety of climates with different temperatures, from tropical heat to perpetual snows.