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Diplomacy for Peace: The Message From Colombia to the International Commnunity

Globalization, and the evolution of a number of systems of integration have made the relationship between international and domestic policy even closer. This relationship between foreign affairs and internal matters is decisive, and is growing in importance in contemporary international relations.

Our diplomacy for peace is based on this new situation. It is the action and the decision of the Colombian government to share and offer a clear and objective vision of the country's conflict situation to the international community, as well as that of the Peace process now in progress. As a result of this attitude and observing the principle of non-intervention, which is part of Colombian foreign policy, Diplomacy for Peace seeks to obtain the political and economic support required for the peace process which the President has taken as a matter of national priority.

In furtherance of the policy of Diplomacy for Peace, the Colombian government has received expressions of support from the international community and multilateral organizations.

The following is the message from Colombia to other countries:

Support for the Peace Process in Colombia should concern not only Colombians, but also the rest of the world. The armed conflict is directly related to issues that affect the world community today, such as human rights violations, illicit crops and environment preservation

Support for the Peace Process in Colombia through technical and economic cooperation in order to contribute to the reestablishment of the society and the economy in areas of armed conflict. In this way, peace can be sustainable over time, and for the good of all.

Support for the Colombian Peace Process is an act of shared responsibility in the international problem of drugs. This shared responsibilityis recognized as such, because nations where drugs are produced are as responsible for the problem as those who supply chemicals or those who demand the drugs. This is one of the most relevant factors in the complicated situation in Colombia.

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