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Interactive dialogue on Consolidation of Peace after Conflict

New York, July 13, 2012


On 13 July the Security Council held an interactive dialogue on "Consolidation of Peace after Conflict" in order to follow up the proposals and concerns raised by States during the debate on 12 July and to gather different actors that are part of the structure of peacebuilding at the UN.

Participants included the President of the Commission for the Consolidation of Peace, the Secretary-General for Political Affairs, the Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations and the Support Office for the Consolidation of Peace, as well as the Presidents of Configurations of the Committee on Peacebuilding and representatives of the countries on the agenda.

The Chair introduced the discussion by promoting an open, frank and agile dialogue to respond how could be more effective the work of the Commission for the Consolidation of Peace, and how can the Security Council to contribute to achieving this goal.