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Opening Remarks for H.E. Mr. Nestor Osorio, President of the Economic and Social Council at the ECOSOC Implementation Forum

July 3, 2013


Ambassador Nestor Osorio, in his capacity as Chairman of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), chaired the Implementation Forum held on the frame of the High Level Segment, the first segment of the ECOSOC Substantive Session that takes place from 1 to 26 July at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. This was the first time that this forum was held and constitutes a new platform designed to strengthen the work of ECOSOC in order to improve the implementation of internationally agreed goals. This forum must be an essential part of the High Level Political Forum in the coming years and will bring together representatives of governments, the private sector, civil society and the United Nations system.

During his speech, Ambassador Osorio mentioned that ECOSOC had accumulated extensive experience in the review and monitoring of the MDGs and the integrated and coordinated follow-up of the major summits, and is in the best position to continue to contribute to this dual objective, as well as the definition and monitoring of the development agenda post-2015. Furthermore, in relation to the theme of the annual ministerial review, Ambassador Osorio noted that no other sphere impact more on achieving development that advances in science, technology and innovation, and thus its enormous potential as tools and enablers sustainable development and the achievement of the MDGs.

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