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Quarterly report on Committee 1737

I have the honour to present the 90-day report of the Committee established pursuant to resolution 1737 (2006), in accordance with paragraph 18 (h) of the resolution. The report covers the period from 21 March to 11 June 2012.

During the reporting period, the Committee held informal consultations on 1 June. The Committee also continued to carry out its duties through informal exchanges and the no-objection procedure envisioned by paragraph 15 of the guidelines for the conduct of its work.

During the informal consultations of 1 June, the Coordinator of the Panel of Experts briefed the Committee on the Panel's 2012 final report (S/2012/395). She stressed that the Panel of Experts had concluded that, while sanctions were effective in slowing the prohibited nuclear and ballistic missiles programmes of the Islamic Republic of Iran by increasing the cost of procuring certain items, sanctions had not yet compelled that country to accept a negotiated solution. The Coordinator noted also the uneven implementation of Security Council resolutions by States and recommended that all States be reminded of the need to report incidents of non-compliance. She reviewed the Panel's most recent outreach activities, which included consultations with States and participation in conferences and seminars. Pointing to the report's recommendations and conclusions and their usefulness for the 193 States Members of the

Organization, the Coordinator expressed hope that the Committee would agree on the report's publication. Committee members welcomed the Panel's final report, which was characterized by some as being of very good quality, well researched and meeting high methodological standards. Several Committee members asked that the Committee follow up on the reports by regularly considering new names of individuals and entities on the list; issuing notices with guidelines for implementing the resolution; and publishing the reports in the quickest possible time frame. Other Committee members stressed the need for the Panel to continue to work within its mandate. Several members requested that the open briefing of the Chair be held soon with the participation of the Panel. Noting the linkages with other sanctions regimes, several Committee members recommended that the Panel explore possible synergies with other expert groups.

During the reporting period, the Committee agreed to add two additional individuals and one entity to the list of persons and entities subject to United Nations sanctions that were involved in incidents of non-compliance reported to the Committee and investigated by the Panel of Experts.

On 24 May 2012, the Committee sent a note verbale to all Member States informing them of those designations. The Committee will continue to discharge its mandate, as appropriate. The Committee has received a number of communications relating to the implementation of the relevant Security Council measures. One State transmitted, on 21 May, a report on the shipments confiscated by its respective authorities during the first quarter of 2012 and measures taken "to prevent transit of any shipments to and from the Islamic Republic of Iran which are suspected to contain prohibited items that can be used in Iran's nuclear and missile programmes".

The Committee, assisted by the Panel of Experts, is following up on this communication. Another State sought clarification on whether a certain Iranian individual was the same person as the individual whose name appears on the Committee's consolidated list. A third State inquired whether certain items would contribute to the development of technologies in support of Iran's proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities. Lastly, a State asked for guidance with respect to the scope and application of the assets-freeze measures imposed by the Council through its resolutions on the Islamic Republic of Iran. In all of those cases, the Committee is gathering information from its members in preparing its responses.

With regard to the incidents reported, on 23 March, the Committee sent letters to six Member States concerning a previously reported inspection and seizure, on 28 August 2010, of a container on board the vessel MS Finland. The Committee received communications in connection with this case concerning a transfer of arms and related materiel from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Syrian Arab Republic. In response to the Committee letter asking for additional information regarding its involvement in this incident, the Syrian Arab Republic denied that the items were destined for one of its ports.

Another State informed the Committee that it was still collecting information regarding the shipment and the company involved and asked for a deadline extension. The Committee, with the assistance of the Panel of Experts, answered a general query sent by the Council of Bureaux, which represents the International Association of National Motor Insurers' Bureaux, regarding the sanctions measures and their application.

During the reporting period, the Committee received three notes verbales from a Member State containing notifications with reference to paragraph 5 of resolution 1737 (2006) and paragraph 4 of resolution 1747 (2007) concerning payments made under a contract entered into prior to the listing of a person or entity.

On 29 March, the Committee adopted its annual report for 2011. The Committee, with the participation of the Panel of Experts, will hold, in the afternoon of 9 July, in Conference Room 5, the open briefing that was previously announced. The purpose of the meeting is to present the Committee and Panel's mandates and activities and to answer questions. Missions to the United Nations will be officially notified of this event in due course.

Regarding the Panel's activities, the Panel submitted to the Committee a report regarding a previously reported violation. As previously mentioned, the Panel also submitted its final report on 9 May, in accordance with paragraph 2 of resolution 1984 (2011). The final report will be issued as Security Council document S/2012/395. I would also like to recall that, by its resolution 2049 (2012), adopted on 7 June, the Security

Council extended the mandate of the Panel of Experts until 9 July 2013. With respect to the issue of national implementation of sanctions measures, I would like to note that on 30 April, the Panel of Experts transmitted to the Committee, in accordance with paragraph 1 (b) (i) of the Committee's programme of work, a quarterly assessment of the reports on the implementation of the resolutions submitted by Member States pursuant to paragraph 31 of resolution 1929 (2010), for the period from 1 February to 30 April 2012.

On the same issue, I am happy to note that, during the reporting period, the Committee received communications from Viet Nam and Luxembourg transmitting their respective reports on the implementation of resolution 1929 (2010). On that note, I conclude my report.