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New York, November 11, 2013


President of ECOSOC addressed the General Assembly on his work in 2013

Ambassador Néstor Osorio addressed the General Assembly to introduce the 2013 Report of the Economic and Social Council.

In his statement Ambassador Osorio confirmed that 2013 was indeed a year of great significance for ECOSOC. He noted that the General Assembly's review of resolution 61/16 on the strengthening of ECOSOC formed a backdrop to the Council's work throughout the year. In the same line, indicated that the Special ECOSOC Ministerial Meeting of September 2012 contributed substantive guidance to this strategic re-thinking.

He highlighted that during his chairmanship the Council addressed several ways to improve its contribution to development. In particular, the Council focused on conceptualizing its role and contribution to the post-2015 framework.

In the other hand, he stated that collective relevance and ability to guide the international community and States on the path to a more balanced and more inclusive development, is a historic compromise that requires a coherent and coordinated multilateral action in the council. "Before us is a historic opportunity of great dimensions, to which we must respond by agreeing on policies conducive to the sustainable development we advocate, for the planet to be better preserved and for humanity to live in better conditions" he concluded.


Remarks by His Excellency Néstor Osorio President of the Economic and Social Council - Introduction of the Economic and Social Council report to the General Assembly