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Threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts - USA

(New York, September 12 2001)

Statement by Ambassador Alfonso Valdivieso, Permanent Representative of Colombia 



I should like to extend to the delegation of the United States our deepest sympathy and solidarity on the tragedy that occurred yesterday. We share with the delegation of the United States and its Government the conviction that this is an attack not only against this country but also against the community of civilized peoples, the values of humanity and a future of peace.

I should like to echo the words of the statement made yesterday by the Government of Colombia condemning and rejecting these cowardly attacks. Nothing can justify thousands of innocent victims paying with their lives for the intolerance and hatred of a group of extremists.

Let me say also that on the initiative of Colombia, just yesterday in Lima the annual meeting of the Organization of American States adopted a vigorous condemnation of terrorist attacks and expressed the need to strengthen hemispheric cooperation to combat this scourge, which yesterday shook the entire world and the community of nations of the Western hemisphere.

I wish to propose a thought on the regular activities of both the Security Council and the United Nations in general in light of the terrorist acts of yesterday. It should be our understanding that anything that means unnecessarily interrupting our regular work will be a victory for those criminals who organized the barbarous acts of yesterday that bring us to meet today. It is a reality that additional security measures are needed both in New York and at facilities where the United Nations operates in this city. However, I wish to make an appeal that we respond with greater commitment, with greater presence and with additional effort in our search for the decisions that the international community of nations is expecting, the community that both members and non-members of the Council represent. Thus, we will be giving the best possible response to those who simply cannot prevail.

Finally, may I express my delegation's willingness to participate with all members of the Council in the adoption of immediate measures in keeping with the responsibilities of the Council under the Charter.


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